I couldn’t pick one so I write, teach, and cook. My main goals are to teach people about the healing power of positive narrative, the importance of a direct connection with our food and the land, and to create delicious recipes with my boyfriend so we can share that fundamental wellness with others.


Copywriting, Proofreading, Editing, Layout, Design, Marketing

I set out to publish my own writing and wound up helping other people publish theirs along the way. In 2011, I took an internship as an assistant editor for a small publishing company and I’ve been writing, proofreading and publishing for almost a decade now. I’ve had some amazing opportunities to learn from and work with writers like Roxanne Gay, Patricia Smith, Brian Turner, Gayle Brandeis, June Sylvester Saraceno, Laura McCullough, Pablo Cartaya, Rebecca Makkai, Carolyn Forsché, and many others. My direct mentor was Mike McCormack whose novel, Solar Bones, won many accolades. He told me that many young writers make the mistake of trying to write before they have lived. I have since lived through much.

Curriculum Vitae



English Composition, Creative Writing, ESL

They say those who cannot do teach, but teaching is a doing unto itself. After receiving my MFA in Creative Writing in 2016, I was hired to teach English, Creative Writing, and Publishing at my alma mater. After relocating, I then taught English composition at the local community college and transitioned into teaching ESL online for VIPKID. Teaching is a privilege I never expected to be granted and I love it.




Being a cook takes energy, stamina, chutzpah, and flow. I’ve cooked in greasy spoons, bars & grills, vegan/scratch kitchens, fine dining, and I’ve catered both public and private events. My relationship with food is complex. I’m a recovered bulimic, went gluten free for ten years because of a misdiagnosed allergy, and learned how to eat again at Summit Eating Disorders Outreach Program in Sacramento, CA. Since recovery, I have dedicated much of my time and attention to cooking, nutrition, and bringing people closer to their food. The less process, the better. My boyfriend and I are currently developing recipes, and our dream is to one day own a food truck.


Email me: pen_your_brain@outlook.com

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