Hero We Call On Thee

There have been four shootings in the autonomous zone of Capitol Hill, dubbed CHAZ or CHOP.

I wonder who would shoot it up in a peaceful protest, over what, why, who shoots a 14 year old boy? So common now, actually, it’s as likely the shootings are political, shows from hired guns to entice a more popular public view of taking it back with police force as it is that these boys have been met with some Lord of the Flies archetypal selves.

What now is our country’s story?

We are working to undo the webs of tyranny within a system that has succumbed to the weakness of human hearts supplanted by the greed of a capitalist system that has sought to govern nature.

But the human heart wins out.

I propose we forego the twisted semantics by which the systems in place which have dislodged us from our lands, freedoms, and rights to risk be named what they are: tyrannical.

The government, and world powers, meant to serve and protect their people and countries have failed to do so. By their plots to generate economies by which few may benefit over the many, resources are controlled, held hostage in exchange for currency which amounts to the time to which the citizen dedicates him or herself to the country’s processes. When those processes fail to provide an equal exchange of energy to the people and to the sources from which those process draw, natural and unnatural, they become overtaxed and fail.

We must generate the energy to recover ourselves psychically as a nation by focusing our efforts into a collective vision of what constitutes the next goals for America, for inaction is action, and a failure to act will have us succumb to the mechanics of late-stage-crony-capitalism as predicted by Marx.

Tyranny and fighting against tyranny by adopting tyrannical methods leads only to more tyranny. Taking down fascism with fascism, be it left or right leaning, still imposes the hammer of societal rules upon the wilds of the human heart; until we understood them, wild animals were once kept in cages—they still are.

This is what astonishes me:

Surely there are as many people in the world who wish to save the animals as there are even a small fraction of the animals that needs saving. Surely there are plenty of alternative energy methods and things to be done and people to do them.

By what justification do we set the responsibility for these things upon the rich and the political?

Until CHAZ, the question was always of a fear of retribution from authority, fines, jail time. Stupidity, fear, a lack of knowledge, and understanding would keep an animal caged.

The intelligent leader observes impartially, delegates duties according to strengths, limits according to ability, and reasonably estimates room for growth and creates the paths by which that growth unfolds across the respective reaches of that leader’s power, which any good leader understands is only as powerful as the tendrils with which it reaches…in this case, it’s people.

I name the destruction of my planet and the barriers set between myself and my people to steward the land negligence, at worst, abuse at best.

Any power that seeks to rob the human being of the self is tyrannical. Robbery is not necessary if the project is worthy. An intelligent leader can inspire, and a project undertaken for the true good of humanity will be completed by good people.

Therefore campaigning is as good as waving a red flag over one’s lack of general morality. The people will vote whether or not the money speaks and the people are voting now to speak louder than all the greased pockets of America’s aging leadership.

To age we must offer our respects, for it is no easy thing to adjust to a world that knows all of one’s business, especially if ones business has been dirty and clandestine for a long time. Anyone who has had a brush with insanity might know that it often involves facing aspects of the self that become unveiled as truths which so challenge one’s understanding of reality that reality becomes relative, fluid. Age doesn’t adjust as well as youth to changing tides. We must allow.

The culture is usually the human beings’ modus operandi for beginning to construct the new identity and our culture has yet to make room for reconstruction. We are witch burners still with little mercy or tolerance despite all of our cries for it. Can we blame the stooges in power for being reluctant to step down?

Can we blame ourselves when, upon seeing the mess we have inherited and robbed of the time in which to cultivate imagination for ingenious solutions, we hesitate to step up?

Herald the call of your greater self. No construction of man can overwhelm such that one cannot work daily to better oneself.

What’s so great about this is how simple a solution it is. When we care for ourselves, we become better. When we are better, we exemplify better. When we exemplify better, the tired and uninspired become inspired and energetic.

Pick one thing. Do that better today.

The amount of your effort will be rewarded by natural law. If your effort is not being equally rewarded, check your mind. Are you grateful? Are you appreciative? Are you even in your body or does your mind take you somewhere else all the time?

Start by being in the present. What can you do here and now to be better?

Where are your thoughts?

How can you improve them?

Take five minutes and just envision something better.

If you cannot, start with where you are at.

Pick a negative trait if you’re stuck and envision yourself embodying the opposite of that trait. Do this every day until your gut instinct isn’t to reject it. If you can’t convince yourself, take and action that that better version of yourself might take.

Do that every day until you don’t feel like you’re pretending anymore.

This is a limitless practice. We can explore the depths of human experience to the best of our abilities by following those simple steps.

Envision your better self. Think like your better self. Act like your better self a little bit at a time and small changes, one finds, add up quickly.

Imagine if small changes were made by every person in the world right now to be better people.

I think of that moment at the end of the movie Perfume when he uncorks distilled essence of virgin and the whole town square disrobes, succumbing to orgiastic ecstasy.

8.4 billion is an unfathomable number. In terms of money, I mean, I once had four digits in my bank account and was like, holy moly. Five digits in a year, six digits over the course of many for the average citizen.

1 billion isn’t even a fathomable dollar amount for most people.

There are 8.4 billion of us.

When we start to see the accumulation of small changes in our lives, we see that big changes come quickly. I have hope that there are enough of us here to make small changes that big change will come quickly. It is coming. We are ready. We will not make the same mistakes again.

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