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  • Sound & Fury
    Firstly, if you haven’t seen Sturgill Simpson’s Sound & Fury on Netflix, check that shit out. Secondly this post is about arguments. DJ and I can get into some pretty heated arguments. Sometimes, when the fights get really bad, I start pulling all the clothes out of the closet as though to pack and goContinue reading “Sound & Fury”
  • Recap
    When I first started this site, the goal was to understand the way we categorize mental illness in a society that has dominated its own nature with science and rationality. The first entries here were stream-of-consciousness journals from the perspective of a very mentally unwell me. The responses I received in the midst of thatContinue reading “Recap”
  • Health, wealth, and happiness
    When I aimed for a word called healthy, I didn’t ever think that six months later I’d be alcohol and tobacco free. I’m running to release the excess energy, which I identified as anxiety in accordance with Anodea Judith’s chakra workshop. I’ve been using her book Wheels of Life since it was gifted to meContinue reading “Health, wealth, and happiness”

Very simply, Dual Nature Human is dedicated to finding a middle ground. Black-and-white thinking is unhealthy, unhelpful, and lacking in nuance. I explore across disciplines to find the ways in which we sometimes mistake the moon for the finger pointing at it and attempt to take the finger out of the picture. Dual Nature Human is also dedicated to encouraging self-care, particularly for those in recovery, and documents some brushes with addiction and mental illness in an attempt to display some of those parts of human nature that are less desirable, perhaps, but nonetheless normal. I hold that no doctrine or discipline is more convincing to the human than the human heart, and so subscribe to that language as well as I can.

Be well humans. All my love.

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